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My Commitment

My Plan

1 - Pull back on Carmel's over-spending and over-development.

2 - Move forward with a Need-to, Ought-to, and Want-to minded budget focus for our great city's expenditures.

3 - Have our city's art be made by Indiana residents and decided on by Carmel residents at a local art festival.

4 - Maintain full transparency on the budget, and stop any of the city's financial actions that directly harms school funding.

5 - Increase and train our police force as our population increases, and increase patrols in Home Place to the south.

6 - Conserve what we have and maintain existing Green Space.6 - 

7 - Lead with a Christ-like heart.


To find out more

Click the button below to get a list of videos of where I go into detail on each topic I'm running on, and other useful information.

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